Will online go become a witch hunt in the era of open source bots?

with online go there’s no getting around the fact that your opponent has access to additional resources, but it’s difficult to prove. The only way to tell is if a player makes a bot-like mistake that is well below his level, but even pros self-atari occasionally (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qt1FvPxmmfE). If a strong player gets tired and plays a bad game, is that reason enough to accuse him of cheating? I think maybe, depending on the evidence, but I don’t like to see people making wild accusations, especially since bots will only get better from here. here are the two games that led me to post here:

Does it really matter? I just found out that one of my opponents here posted an ongoing game position on reddit. Cheating is nothing new.


that’s basically how I feel about it, what I’m more afraid of is the servers becoming more hostile in general

The cheating with bot will be more and more severe for dan level players. However, this is not going to be an issue with kyu level games because bots with kyu level have been around long time. Also, kyu rank prestige is not that big deal any way so that I doubt people would go that far to cheat on kyu level games.

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What’s the motivation behind cheating? What motivates a sandbagger? Isn’t it the gratification they get from frustrating and humiliating the opponent? That has nothing to do with prestige. Someone who cheats to get a higher rank than they merit suffers from a different disease. One is like a bully and the other is like a thief.


No one really cares if a strong player makes a bad move. We tend to care more about weak players who make good moves, i.e. sandbaggers. As much as I find it despicable, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you rank is real or not if we play as long as I get a good equal rank game out of it.

There are some servers (forgot which. some one remind me if you do) that detect if you are constantly switching screens to mark you as a suspected cheater if you are a or bot or referring to some joseki site.

At the end of the day this only really impacts real live matches with priizes so we aren’t really affected online as we have nothing but a virtual rank to lose. Probably will have stricter rules on bathroom breaks in future which will be a pain (like toilet supervision or phone confiscation).

Anyone know bot that able to play on not square board?
I suggest before ban anyone, play against him on 12x24 board for example.

You know, I guess I wouldn’t even care :smiley: So what that he constantly switches between windows and only copies moves like a monkey. That’s his problem, right? I can still enjoy the game. And if the opponent (even though it is a bot irl) is stronger than me, even better… Why should it bother me?

That is admitably quite clever, but what would stop the guy from playing himself and blaming the weaker play on the irregular board? Still doesn’t prove anything imho…


interesting idea

That solution won’t work too well, as most human dan player wouldn’t care for 12x24 either. However we do have dan mods who can detect abnormal bot move patterns :smiley:

Please note that OGS does not tolerate against any form of cheating via running an unauthorized bot; if you see suspicious moves, do report them to us :wink:

In some cases, such as your recent game cited at the start of this thread, it doesn’t even take a dan player to spot the bot. Even a lowly DDK like me would never make the moves that your opponent made at the end of that game. Bizarre.

BTW, I admired how you triumphed in that game after what seemed a difficult start.

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ok, as long as it wont lead to banning innocent people I can live with it

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Thanks for the support! I suppose it was difficult to force ridiculous bot moves, as they only do so when they were behind after a mistake. But I managed anyhow :slight_smile: