Will Tenuki be the highlight of the XXIc.?

The new fuseki and its subsequent variations and counter variations dominated the go theory during the last century, until the AI came in.

Do you think that next generations of go players will remember the XXIc. as the Tenuki revolution, the new and most important contribution brought by AI?

Of course AI didn’t create the concept of Tenuki likewise GoSeiGen was not the first player to play a 4x4. But the use of it goes far beyond what we saw before.

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Do people really refer to the 21st century in this way? I’ve never seen it before…

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Well i can just quote myself on that

For them don’t you think that XXI would feel less weird as for you today?

my game ended early, so I started Kata vs Kata continuation of it

This is crazy: both sides tenukied from saving themselves:


I thought the big revelation with AI was that we learned we didn’t know how to play the centre.

I could be wrong since I’m a couple years behind but that’s what I remember.

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