Will there ever be an app for OGS?

I am looking forward to that :slight_smile:

Officially I do not think it is in consideration right now, since OGS works pretty well on mobile browsers.

However there are community made apps already. Which I have not tried, but heard some nice things about them…

You can check here:
or here:


Thank you .

I should be noted that both of the above apps, though more or less functional, are basically still in open beta. Also, I haven’t seen any work done on either for several months but you get that with hobby projects :slight_smile: personally I rank them for my own usefulness as 1. play in browser 2. bottom link 3. top link

I’d say it’s basically a matter of semantics whether you interface with an app or the browser, since it looks to me like the mobile site is about as streamlined as can be. A purpose-built client app would propel any devs well past the point of diminishing returns, IMO.

A dedicated OGS mobile app is something I would love and pay for. But I understand the argument that OGS already works fine on mobile browsers.


I use SmartGo for my stand alone, off-line Go app.

I use OGS for online competitive Go against other players worldwide, which seems like it couldn’t be done with an offline App.

If one needs a direct link to OGS on their phone or IPad, a home page icon can be created for direct access…and in fact, the one for OGS is pretty. Safari>OGS.com>click arrow box upper right>>scroll and click Add To Homepage>>voila, the official OGS icon goes on iPad homepage. Cool!



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