Win by timeout

I was disconnected, and I was not able to begin the game. It looks like I was ranked? My rank went down. Thank you

It is hard to be completely sure without a link, but if you are talking about your latest game that did not even start, then:

  • Games below two moves are always annulled and do not count for or against your rank. It will say annulled in the profile.
  • That said after every game, your last 15 games get recalculated (based on how opponents are improving or not to keep the ranks as precise as possible) so it is possible your rank moved a bit, but that does not mean the latest game was taken into account. It was not.

Didn’t that change in the new ranking update?

It did not. Anoek did originally want to change it a bit, but eventually it did not work out. :slight_smile: