Win % graph instead of Score graph

It happens to me regularly that the AI graph at the end of the game shows only the Win % graph instead of the Score graph even if toggle the selector below.
For example just today:

I see it both on my iPhone with safari, on my mac with safari on my mac on Chrome without being connected to my account so that I hope anyone can see it. I’d say it occurs to me 5-10% of the games, I could not correlate this with anything else.
Attach the screen shot: one can see the slider on Score but the shape of the graph is clearly the Wine % rate.


I’ve noticed the exact same problem with chrome on Mac.

I can also confirm that the toggle in your linked game doesn’t work for me on iPhone.

Offf, pinging @ma.davidj who is the author of the function, and probably the best person to have a guess what might be the issue…

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This has started happening to me too. I hadn’t seen it in 30 or so games, but now it seems to happen every time. If I open an analysis created in the past, it is fine, but opening recently analysed games, all seem to show the wrong graph when I select Score.

Is there any known work around?

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That bug happens with 10% chance for me

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it seems someone has an idea why

Jul 29

its better to contact with github


The bug report is now closed on GitHub with a fix implemented 16th Dec. We’ll see whether it shows up again.