Winners of the OSR January Leagues

Dear Baduk-Neophytes, Igo-Savants and Weiqi-Wizards,

Here are the winners of the OSR January Leagues, congratulations to all of them, and many thanks for the exciting games, the teaching dispensed, the learning opportunites and the good times!!

General OSR January League

  1. Place: Silkroad 12W 5L, won a teaching game with GoDave
  2. Place: Omnifyr 11W 6L, won a €20 voucher for Guo Juan 5p’s Internet Go School
  3. Place: fledermaus 8W 5L, won a $15 voucher for the digital editor GoBooks

OSR January Dan League

  1. Place: Capitaine_Crochet won a $50 voucher with GoMagic
  2. Place: Lucirex1 won a teaching game with Shadonra

OSR January SDK League

  1. Place: blee.dublin won a $30 voucher for GoMagic
  2. Place: azalea won €20 voucher for the IGS

OSR January DDK League

  1. Place: SlowThought won a teaching game with Mikito
  2. Place: TheBryceIsRight won a €20 voucher for the IGS

The Iron Chin Award goes to:

blee.dublin for his tally of 9L in this January’s leagues. You can always count on your standing power to weather it out!!! In the meantime you won a $30 voucher for GoMagic. ^^

In case you want to find out more about the Open Study Room, join our leagues or just hang out with us: You are very welcome to check out our website, and to stop by to on our Discord!

Congrats again to all the winners!!! Let’s make the February Leagues as blazing as the last ones!!! And of course many, many thanks to our marvelous sponsors, friends and supporters who make all this possible:

GoBooks - GoDave - GoMagic - Guo Juan 5P and the Internet Go School and Mikito