Winning by pausing

Some people like to pause a middle of a live game. But when they see the opponent leave, they disable the pause and eventually leads to timeout. Can you solve that problem

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Opponent can resume game and there is a maximum number of pauses allowed.
So, instead of abandoning the game (and lose), it would be better to resume from pause.

Also is possible to report player to mods.


Does this happen quite often? Maybe only if some players don’t realize that then can always resume a game?

To be honest I am not completely sure I understand. You say that your opponent paused the game and you left? That sounds like a bad idea :smiley: He/she cannot know you left and may consider it quite natural to click resume when they get back, quite possibly without any bad intention…

And just to make sure we understand each other, there is NO obligation for you to honor any pause your opponent “requests”. Sure it is kind if you have the time, but if not just appologize and click resume. (The resume button is always there and works for both players regardless of who paused the game).


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Well, if both players have agreed on a pause, but one of them comes back earlier than expected to resume the game in order to cause their opponent to timeout, then I think that might be a case of abusing the system.

I would recommend reporting that specific case to the moderators by using the call moderator button within that game. Possibly, the moderators could annul that game to avoid it affecting your rank.


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