Wish: Layout of “Watch” page similar to “Home” page

If we can have this on our “Home page”:

… can we please also have this on the “Watch” page?

At least tell me I’m good at editing screenshots :grin:


No. It would shrink the thumbnails to a horrible degree.

I think he’s not asking for smaller thumbnails, just for the blank space to be used to show more boards if they fit at the current size, exactly the way it already does for your games on the “Home” page.

The “player” page is even more unnecessarily restricted, only showing two per row.


Nine thumbnails currently fill my Watch page. If the sides were junked up, the thumbnails would have to shrink.

On the homepage, if the page is wide enough compared to the size of the boards, we can have more than 3 boards per row (6 in the first picture), whereas on the watch page, even if the page is much wider than 3 times the size of the boards, only 3 boards per row are shown, and space is wasted on the sides.


Yeah well that means you would keep three per row, but at least he and other people with a wider screen should be able to six instead of wasting space.


Let me try to clarify the intended request of the original poster, @trohde. Please correct me if I am wrong.

The suggestion is to simply adjust the layout to allow for more game thumbnails per row on the watch page. This proposal would not change the size of the game thumbnails and does not seem to be suggesting the addition of any new content onto the Watch page.

I believe the comparison to the home screen is merely to point out that the layout there already can accommodate more game thumbnails per row (for people with wider screens).

As for adjusting the layout to achieve the desired effect, it seems that one way is to remove the style max-width: 1200px; for the container class, which seems to be specified in this file (redundantly on both lines 22 and 23): online-go.com/bootstrap-esq.styl at e46a74808cc0255f2ad7caced8f3ef202a65a0e1 · online-go/online-go.com · GitHub

It seems that this works to achieve the desired effect:

Note: this will not change the size of the thumbnails, and my screenshot is showing the simulated image of a large, high-resolution widescreen (note: Discourse, the forum software, has downsampled the resolution of my screenshot, falsely giving the impression of lower-resolution/blurriness).

Again, let me be clear, this will probably have no change for those with narrower screens, and will simply be an improvement for those with wider screens.


Not sure where the miscommunication is, but let me give it one more try. There is no junk on the sides of the page in your screenshot. If there were junk there, then the thumbnails would either have to be smaller to fit into the same space, or else fewer thumbnails could fit on the page, depending on how one implements the change. Either alternative would be a negative result from my point of view.

I don’t think @trohde is suggesting to add any junk or other new content to the Watch page. I believe his suggestion is just to allow there to be more than 3 thumbnails per row.


Trohde just wants to fill the blank space with more boards of the same size. There is no junk just nothingness that he wants to be filled with more boards.


Don’t we all


I’m only on board if we get to have rage memes in the gutters


Is max-width also there twice?




Lol, my reading comprehension isn’t strong.

And now you redundantly had to repeat that it was redundantly repeated.


I’m only on mobile so please click the ufizzi link in the pull request and let me know if it looks good :pray:


THANKS, you got it exactly right :slight_smile: :pray:

Nothing to correct :slight_smile:

And sry if my “why?” memes confused anyone :sweat_smile: I just wanted to add some fun to my request :slight_smile: