Wish: Notification 1 ID with multi devices

In this COVID period, there are many agencies arrange some online competition and kyu test with OGS server. They try to prevent all method of cheating like AI user, in-game coaching, etc. by using cameras with Zoom conference, however cheaters can trick the judge by play on 1st device and their partner uses another device to play instead.
I hope the system can alert and send notification in any games which use multi devices seperately, for example: chat - from PC, move 1-19 from PC move 21 from Iphone.


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I see distributing information concerning IP’s or information about devices as a major privacy concern, and would personally never disclose this, even in cases of AI cheating detection.

OGS has limited capacity to work on cheating prevention, and most of our anti-cheating is done by manual inspection from our (untrained, volunteering) moderators.

If anything, I think it’s a bit weird that you’re explaining here, publicly, a really nice way to cheat your own cheating detection…


I still do not really understand the concern though. If you have a recording of the player’s screen and a move is input from elsewhere, it should be easily detectable as the cursor will not line up with the stone…


Sometimes it’s depend on the players’ camera. We know that they sit there and play that board eventhough the detail of the screen is not clear enough.

I appreciate OGS moderators for replied this topic.
Thank you.

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