Wish: Option to start game immediately after pressing "Accept"

Every time i press the accept I need to press another button and when i do, the game doesn’t exist. I hope i can start right away after pressing “accept”.

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I agree that it sometimes seems like too much redundancy, but I think it has its advantages. Firstly, it is nice to have an expanded panel which provides clearer insight into the game’s settings. Moreover, I think it is ideal for players using touchscreen, particularly small phones, because it would seem easy to accept the wrong game with a single click.

But yes, many a game have I tried to get where someone accepts before I can due to the presence of the game detail panel…

Edit: Also, if I remember correctly, it seems like the game detail panel used to not exist and is relatively new. But maybe it’s just me.


I’ve actually done this at least twice in the past (accidentally accepting a game on a touchscreen, when I was just trying to navigate the page, and then having to abort the game immediately, quite annoying for the player who put up the challenge), so I’m pretty sure there used to be no confirmation, and I’m glad there is one now.

(Edit: Of course, on desktop it is harder to missclick. I’m not opposed to the idea of having an option to turn off the confirmation.)


Yes, perhaps there should be a feature that gives you the option of a confirmation panel for those that don’t want it.

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