Wish: Top 3 Moves After full AI evaluation

Hey there!

Because i’m a site supporter, i get the full-AI review from Leela Zero. I also notice that sometimes i have access to the top 3 moves as well. I love having access to both, this is great!

I also notice that sometimes i ONLY have access to the full AI review, and that I can’t ask it for the top 3 game changing moves. Sometimes i can look at the plot of win-rate v. move # and figure it out, other times it’s pretty ambiguous. Other times i’m just feeling lazy :-p.

Can we get a feature where a full AI review automatically gives the top 3 game changing moves as well?

Cheers + thank you for all your hard work OGS developers!

There’s a little menu button just above and left of the AI graph that allows you to choose between the graph and the top three moves


Hello, thanks for the reply!

So what i’m trying to say is that, yes, sometimes that option is there. Other times, it is not. I don’t know what the difference is between the times its available and the times it’s not. I just checked this on multiple games of mine. Is it perhaps a bug?

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My experience in correspondence games is that it is there when your opponent is not a paid user and ends the game, so triggers their AI review first. When I have ended the game it seems that my triggering the review first trumps OGS ever calculating the top 3 moves.

FWIW I’m not sure from the few cases I’ve looked at that the current top 3 move display (run at fairly low settings) will always be very useful relative to or consistent with a full AI review run at much better settings…

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That seems to line up with what i’m seeing!

RE Top 3 moves i’m asking for; i’m specifically asking that the top 3 moves, from the strongest AI review available between the two players, is what be displayed. i’m supporting a the dan level, so i want the top 3 according to my AI.

Yep I plan on adding this in the nearish future


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