World Amateur Go Championships (WAGC) - results table

Here is the link for the english language results table for the World Amateur Go Championships (WAGC) currently being held in Japan.


Top results after round 4, with all representatives who have won at least 3 of 4 games.


Top results after round 5, listed are players who have won at least 4 of 5 games.


After 6 rounds we are finally reduced to one clear leader on 6 wins, and 5 hot on his tail at 5 wins from 6 games. 2 games remaining to find a champion.


Round 7 being played currently, with some of the top boards being broadcast on IGS (PandaNet)

At the conclusion of Round 7, Yi-Tien Chan of TAIPEI has secured first place as he is beyond catching in the final round. Even a loss will see him win on tie breakers, so congratulations are in order.
The rest of the podium is still up for grabs, however, and pictured is everyone who has won at least 5 games in the first seven rounds!
Let’s see how everything settles in the final round, due to being in just shy of 30 minutes <3
As always, tune into IGS to check out some of the top boards!

Tournament concluded. Below listed all contestants who won at least 5 of 8 games.


Thankyou BHydden. Your country did well for it’s small population with 18th. Is Xin Lei native born, native trained or a new arrival to Aus?

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Yes Xin did very well! He had some close games too :slight_smile: we’re very proud of his effort. I don’t know him well but he’s lived in Australia for at least 17 years, I’m not sure what his birth country is.

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So… how does Yi-Tian Chan feel about hailing from “Chinese Taipei”?

Xin learned go in Australia. One of the strongest local players. I know cos i taught hin how to play

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