World Map

Hi, Im new here (but I’ve been using OGS for a couple years now) anyways, I thought a cool feature would be to see a map of the nationalities you’ve played against. I’d love to see a world map with the countries of people Ive played against colored


@Chinitsu sounds like something that would fit perfectly for gotstats ^____^


I did it for the “Through the years” tournament: 2233 players.


I can’t help doing it server side, but I can point out a few problems I had.

  • people sometimes change their country.
    I don’t think they’re actually moving: country is just something you declare and you can say whatever you want as many times as you want
  • many players don’t make a choice
    “undefined” is the bigger group
  • There are some fictional choices available as long as federations and so on which can’t be displayed on a map (klingons, pirates, GoT, NATO, United Nations, world, …)
    Look at my picture: 37 unknown places

It’s a quite interesting subject though, and I enjoied explorating it.
For instance, I found 6 players from “Antarctica”. I wonder if they really are! :smiley:


Bigger groups are “Undefined” and USA, then Germany and France.


How about this?

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