World Wide Go Association (WWGA) Announcements

Hello! This is going to sound professional, but I’m actually a really fun group founder! I’m AvaGao2009 on OGS, and I have a group on OGS, too. We’re called the World Wide Go Association, aka, WWGA. We have a logo, a video with somethings about us, and other videos you’ll see when you visit the platform in which this following link will present. It is just another window in OGS , but still=) World Wide Go Association (WWGA) We’re just another group, but we exist! I actually have this info. paragraph, so I can just copy and paste. One important rule is that you may not host your own tournament in the group, or I will kick you out. You’ll know more about it when you visit our platform! Trust me, it’s more fun and pain, lol :smiley:

Hey guys! The paragraph above states somethings about my group on OGS! World Wide Go Association- AKA- WWGA. We’re a really fun group! We have about 78 members so far, and we’re aiming for 100 this spring! I would be elated if you’d join us! We have a group logo, a group video, and more! (Includes a new members video) You’ll see those on our OGS Group platform. :star_struck:

We do have tournaments hosted! In fact, we have almost two tournaments a week or more!

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78 members? That’s great, keep up the good work!


Even better, 84 memers =}

Hey guys, it’s Ava!
This activity will BLOW YOUR MIND!
We are hosting ‘Gomics Adventure Tournaments!’
(Gomics=comics about Go) Every tournament will have a winner, of course. (ONLY FIRST PLACE COUNTS!) You will get a shoutout in the NEXT tournament’s description! (It will say: The_____warrior defeated the____beast/monster!) I will PM you asking what you’re called and what type of beast/monster would you like to defeat! BE CREATIVE! (EX: Go board destroyer monster, Go stone Eater Beast, Go Master’s dark lord, etc.) YOU WILL ALSO GET TO CREATE A TOURNAMENT!!! It has to be according to your warrior’s name, and enemy. In the description, you can write a paragraph or sentence describing the journey/fight. ITS GOING TO BE FUNNNN! (Join our group to participate…) Good luck fellow warriors!(Starts from 9x9) ATTENTION: Everyone gets two chances this time, but 19x19 will only have one chance! (Pairings would still be based on rank!)
Thanks, and here’s the link to our OGS group in case you still haven’t joined us yet! T~T World Wide Go Association (WWGA)

  1. Get to our group site
  2. scroll down
  3. check out the tournaments section!
  4. Enjoy, and good luck, fellow Go Warriors!
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hey guys! Newest update:

98 members! I just checked today! The hundreth member to join will recieve a shoutout! PM me if you are the lucky one!