Would a double-hane have been appropriate here?

In the game linked below move 114 was an extension from M13 to M14.

What would have been the advantages and disadvantages of making double hane at L14 instead?

The double hane would make this position very complicated.
Black has some bad aji below, so he would have to be prepared to sacrifice some stones.
However, the black cut leads to an extremely difficult fight for white, which is really unnecessary.

Edit: I was wrong, there is no difficult fight, black will make a moderate sacrifice and get ahead of white at the top side. I’m finding it hard to read out too.

Now, after I’ve done my due diligence to the topic, let me add some critique :smile:
The question is uninteresting because it is a very tactical detail from a game that you won by 70 points.
Wouldn’t you rather look at a game that you lost and examine some actual mistakes instead of this random all-out variation?

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Hello, My name is luckymedie I am 1 dan
I would not think the double hane is appropriate here because it leaves a nasty cutting point that seems to not let white have life easy life. I left a brief review of how kinda I think it would play out would need reading of course ^^ I would personally play 2 because I like to keep the game simple and go for easy wins. I left some variations how I think it could play out aswellreview-52964(1).sgf (3.0 KB)

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This question was posed to me by a kibitz and I could not answer it even after some discussion and playing out of variations on a review board, so I decided to get some input here, because I felt that I made the right choice but could not justify it.

I am aware that this is not a good game for a review, so I specifically just asked the one question instead of for a complete review. I have often asked about reviews here before and will certainly take you up on your implicit offer.

Thanks a lot for your time and effort. The variations are very helpful, especially the suggestions to play somewhere else entirely.