Would anyone mind teaching me how to play?

I’m not very good, and I would like to learn how to start winning. So, it would be helpful to have a teacher.

You can add me and then ask next time you see me being online.

One way to start winning is to play weaker opponents :wink:

Another is to lose a lot, and after every game answer one question “why did I lose this time?”.

Consider yourself coached :smiley:

I’ve started playing Go several times. The previous times I found myself too focused on winning. It’s always lead me to burn out. Wanting to see improvement and enjoying victory is all part of the game, but if it becomes the sole focus, then it’s easy, for me at least, to lose the joy of the game. And if there’s no joy, what’s the point?

What I try to do now is to view each game as an opportunity to try out ideas. “What happens if I respond this way? What happens if I play here?” Whether I’m winning or losing, I try to set out some questions for myself, to experiment and explore, and take the wins and losses as a side effect of the learning process.

I really am coming to think that Go is something like its own language. It’s non-verbal. It expresses specific types of relationships and logic. Shapes are like words, and spread out over the board they become sentences. I try to play to understand the language and try my hand to see how much of it I understand right now. Being too focused on winning defeats the purpose for me, and I end up losing that way, as well. Winning is really just an effect of playing the game with more fluency in the language of go than your current opponent. There’s always someone else who’ll clobber you.