Would appreciate some help reviewing game

Hey there Go addicts =),

I played a game recently against a 6kyu player here on OGS. Surprisingly I found myself handling this tough opponent pretty well (As a 11-12 kyu OGS and maybe 8-9 kgs player). BUT…at some point I lost track. I think it started with a bad invasion at move 58. With regard to that I mishandled my direction of play (btw: I think my opponent played a brilliant move with move 63… Yeah anyway…

Would appreciate somebody who can review

Topics would be: - Invading (right timing, spot)
- Generell direction of play… rule
of thumb

Here is the game played: https://online-go.com/game/23853576


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reviewed for like the first 70 moves, i’d like to emphasize on the proverb “urgent before big”

urgent move means a move that could threathen your group or your opponents group, these moves should be play immediately
it could also mean moves that threathen your group or your opponent’s group life and death statuses

big moves mean you could eyeball a huge empty spot and go for a big a move

when there are no urgent moves required, you play a big move

major mistakes were

  1. ignoring urgent local moves, then play some random tenuki - fail to identify how your group is in danger
  2. group has already settled, yet you still had random small moves to settle it some more - group is settled when you are strong/“alive”(2 eyes or nuff space to make 2 eyes)
  3. shape problems - lacking proper shape knowledge, touch up on it by books, pro games, go problems

i think if you work on these 3 major mistakes, you’ll end up as sdk in no time