Would you play Go for money?

I’m asking because I created a Go game on the blockchain (ethereum) called www.EthernalGo.com

But was wondering if people will actually play Go for money, considering they are good players.

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People do play Go for money when they are good players. They are called “professionals”.

Where does the money come from? Sponsorship and spectators.

Where will the money come from in your proposal?


You can also play Leela Zero for free, no need to pay for an almost guaranteed loss

Edit: I’m making the assumption that most potenital players are weaker than LZ, but I’ll stand by that.
Edit2: I’m afraid I’m coming off too cynical. I like to see new things in the Go world, but in this case it seems to me that nothing’s stopping players from abusing AI assistance to earn money.


The costs of gambling outweigh the potential benefits.


You mean you will pay me to play go regardless of outcome? Sure I would do that :smiley:

Or do you mean I get paid only if I win and have to pay if I lose? No I would never do that online. I have a decent GPU to run Leela, but am afraid others might have even stronger hardware. Seriously, people are cheating only to win arbitrary ranks already. If you involve money, it will be just a ridiculous bot-fest and a source of huge headaches (IMHO at least) I would be very wary about that.


If one reads up the details on the website-link provided it becomes clear how this works:

Basically you are betting Etherium on every game and the winner gets 95% of the stakes, the loser gets 1% and 4% go to the site.

The house always wins.

That said, would I play someone to decide who pays for the next round or to decide who’s next on pizza duty? Probably.


Wow, didn’t really think something like that would be feasible, neat. Were you able to write up the scoring logic within the contract as well?


That subtle burn.

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Hehe, wasn’t actually meant as a burn or anything, and it looks like they were looking at the source, just gotta play the game to completion (as opposed to having a stone removal phase and whatnot). Neat stuff :slight_smile: