Wow, I'm not a site supporter anymore


I was a site supporter since late 2015 but I see that my payment subscription from PayPal timed out. I think I put it an end date in two years time and the time came up. I never got or noticed anything from PayPal that this expired. Also in the UI here at online-go I see that I’m still a supporter and to cancel I need to go to PayPal.

As it is has expired in PayPal I cannot actually cancel it from there either as it is inactive. So I’m in a weird state.

I did start a new donation subscription using a credit card this time.

Any chance of getting some reminders whenever a supporter stops supporting as when PayPal subscription expires?

Also, would be nice if I wouldn’t see the PayPal active subscription on online-go as it is not active actually.


I got an email from PayPal saying that had canceled my subscription, and then I had to go to PayPal and restart my subscription.

Anyone else have the same problem?


Yikes, thanks for letting me know!


Apparently I’m once again not donating for membership.
PayPal says it is because revoked the payments.

Does anyone know why this keeps happening now and again?


I don’t know why, but I know that @anoek will want to know.


I’m so glad that somebody pinged this thread, otherwise I wouldn’t have logged into PayPal. Again it seems I don’t have a donation running anymore either. I don’t remember receiving an email about it either. I’ll go re-enable it but I hope something can be technically implemented so that I wouldn’t come as a surprise 6 months after the fact.

Clarification. The OGS website is showing that I’m a Paypal supported but Paypal doesn’t show a single OGS transaction for a the 6 months. Luckily I do have a CC donation going. I’ll double check later if this is actually working!


I’m also still listed as a supporter, even though I’m not paying. I tried to cancel my subscription, but it says it has to be done via PayPal.
When I go to PayPal to check it says I have to re-enable my subscription via
Catch 22?!

I mean, I really want to support, but these issues aren’t making it easy. :smiley:


Thanks for letting me know @toomasr and @barsegott! I’m looking into it to see what’s going on


Here’s a brief update:
PayPal managed to deduct my donation for this month, but the recurring donations are still listed as inactive, so I guess we’ll see what happens when the next donation is supposed to go through.

I think I might have had my credit card closed for online purchases, so that is probably the reason why it didn’t work.


Here is my update. In PayPal, under Preapproved Payments I have, Inc. under Inactive. Under OGS I see You are currently supporting us with $10.00 per month from your paypal account, thanks!. When I click Cancel I’m told to go to PayPal to cancel. I’m unable to cancel the Inactive payment under PayPal.

I checked that everything is fine with my CC donations and they are working as expected!

I would be happy with any kind of notification when my donations expire. Also if I could remove the non existent PayPal subscription from being listed on OGS when actually it doesn’t exist anymore. Less confusion.


I second that…