Wrong chat room title

The screenshot is taken when I was answering in the help chat room.
So there is a problem with the title I am not in the OTL room at this time.
This is a recurring bug which happen often for me.

Looks like Opera on Android? And how do you get to this page? Do you come from the OTL?

Slightly off topic, can someone explain why I’m able to edit the title of groups in chat? Do other people see this? Does it actually change the topic or just what I see?

Yes opéra on Android. I did check otl then help chat. I think title switch back to otl by itself. As you can see in m already long time in help chat (didn’t switch)

Seems to be unique for Opera then? At least I can’t seem to reproduce on any decent browser (:smiley: pardon the chap jab). If that is indeed the case it will probably take some time before this is adressed. If any coder is interested in researching the issue our github is here: https://github.com/online-go/online-go.com/issues, and it should be fxable from the front-end, but it seems quite a low priority for now, sorry.

Currently any member of a group can edit the “topic title” of chat and yes, it will be visible to other users. Suprisingly this is not a misused feature to my knowledge :smiley: probably because nobody knows about it and often groups are composed of people who know and trust each other… It might get disabled later, but for now this is indeed how it works.

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