Wrong colour used for game in profile

I played a game recently with cablemuzza:

I won it, but in my profile it shows up like this with a strong green:


Since he is weaker than me, it should be a pale green

The 8 handicap stones you played with makes them 2k equivalent, that’s why it’s recorded as a win against a stronger opponent.


I wondered about that possibility but it doesn’t work. I played Voltrevo on 5 stones which makes him 3k equivalent:

and yet his game was recorded with a pale green:


So, one of the entries is wrong.

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Not that I claim to understand it, but maybe there’s a difference to how it treats ranked and unranked games. Like to me it would make sense to take into account handicap stones in ranked games when setting the color, since that is being taken into account in the rank calculation. Maybe not so much in unranked since they can have all sorts of unstandardised settings.

I can have a quick look at the actual code and update for certainty.


Yes I think unranked and ranked are treated differently:

This is just a fragment of what I think is the code that’s probably applying the css styles to the result

if (item.ranked && !preferences.get("hide-ranks")) {
                        if (item.white_won) /* player won */ {
                            item.result_class = outcome.white_effective_stronger ? "library-won-result-vs-weaker" : "library-won-result-vs-stronger";
                        } else if (item.black_won) /* player lost */ {
                            item.result_class = outcome.white_effective_stronger ? "library-lost-result-vs-weaker" : "library-lost-result-vs-stronger";
                    } else {
                        item.result_class = item.white_won ? "library-won-result-unranked" : "library-lost-result-unranked"; /* tie catched above */

There’s a check to see if the game is ranked and if it is then it looks at whether one player was effectively stronger than the other, namely adjusting for handicaps.

Whereas there’s different css classes (the background of the table entry isn’t coloured) for unranked games, and they seem to only care who won or lost. As in I don’t think there’s a win vs weaker or stronger for example, and those unranked games don’t get included in the pie charts tables etc where the colouring talks about ranked games.

I’m probably not going to dig too much further into the exact calculations of effective rank in ranked games, unless someone wants me to or unless I’m actually going to try change the code.

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