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Hi, I’m new to the forums, and it seems my user icon isn’t quite correct. It seems there’s some integrating with gravatar, but it’s grabbing the gravatar associated with “user-XXXX@ogs” (actually “XXXX” is a number, though it seems to be intended to be private). Since that’s not a real email address (and in particular I can’t read email coming to that address) I can’t associate it with my existing gravatar account. I also don’t see a way to tell the forums which gravatar account to fetch.

What gives? I’d like to use the same gravatar I’m using with my main OGS account here on the forums.

After you log in to ogs, you click OGS logo on top left, then click Profile to see your own profile. Read the URL on the browser. It should read https://online-go.com/user/view/1746/dmwit , this 1746 is your user account number at ogs.

By clicking OGS logo, then click Mail, you can read all messages sent to you within ogs (you will receive a notification that you received a mail by the top right number in blue circle), and you can send messages to any ogs user through clicking Compose button on that Mail page lower right.

If you have set your outside eMail address under Email in Profile Information on https://online-go.com/user/settings, and if this email address is registered with gravatar, then your user profile icon on ogs should be the gravatar.

Setting your user icon here on the forum is a completely separate process. You click ‘D’ in Lyme Green circle on top right. Click Profile. Click Preferences just under Log Out on upper right. Setting your outside mail address under Email on this page does not link gravatar to this forum as it is the normal practice to keep the mail address here as the ogs internal user-1746@ogs address.

So if you want to use the same icon on this forum, you need to have (or download) the .png or .jpg file for the icon, and setting it under Profile Picture on the Preferences page. Don’t forget to click Save Changes button after making changes on that page.

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Okay. I understand that the answer to my question is “don’t use gravatar”. That’s a bit annoying, but hey, that’s life.

This sort of raises the question, though: why bother having a gravatar option in the “profile icon” choices if it’s not possible to actually use it to control your profile icon?

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