Wrong stats

Hi there, first of all thanks for this very nice go site.
I have a question about my stats though:
I was 15k when i started my last game (https://online-go.com/game/17314541)
I played a 2 stone handicap game versus a 12k player. I won. However, in my stats it counts as a “win against weaker opponent”… why is that? Is the rating changed differently if you win against a stronger player?

Thanks in advance!

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It looks wrong to me. I wonder if there is a bug happening there…

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Thanks for the quick reply.
I wonder if the handicap is taken into account?
Maybe a combination of handicap and deviation is the source of this “bug”?

Can you dig into this? I dont care about ranking too much, but i do care about understanding the system and a fair exchange of points :wink:

Yes. Looking at the code you can see that it uses effective ratings after the handicap has been taken into account.

The ratings used are also those after the game has finished which include the result of the game.

Hello, it seems that there is a problem with the ranking system. Why some of my ranked games doesn’t affect my level when i win? I have just won against a 6k player in a tournament game and my level didn’t moved…

But handicap doesn’t seem to explain why it says the opponent is weaker does it? 2 stones isn’t enough for the difference between 15k and 12k … or is it somehow?

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Well, if the result after the game is used, it could be right… if I stepped up to 14k and the opponent lost a stone, it would be 14k vs 13k, 2 stones handicap would make him weaker then. Right?

Yes. After the game the ranks were 13.99 (14kyu) and 12.16 (13kyu). With a 2 stone handicap it would make the 13kyu player slightly weaker.

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2 HC plus komi

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