Wrong translation in Swedish

The verb move can mean 2 different things in English. Either “turn” or “to move something”. The indication of whose move it is, has been translated to “att flytta”. Which means to move something. Could be right in chess, but not in go. The right translation should be “Ditt drag” (your move) or “Svarts drag” (Black’s move) or “Vits drag” (White’s move). “Din tur”, “Vits tur” , “Svarts tur” for “your turn” could also be used.


Via this link

you can help translating OGS.

You will arrive at Pootle’s Online-Go.com Translation Server


Being a native Swedish speaker, I just tried to use the Pootle OGS pages to fix this, but I cannot find the phrase anywhere in Pootle (but I see it also in the OGS GUI). Did someone else fix it today and it hasn’t been updated yet in the actual OGS GUI? I will check in a few days again.


As far as I can tell there were no recent changes (in any related phrases) to the Sweedish translation.

Are we talking about this basic info?

Or do you guys see it somewhere else? Because if I understand OP correctly it seems to be correct for me?

You can search for the phrase directly in Pootle, this one actually seems to be the original machine translation, not a user input. So presumably it has been there since the beginning…

The only usage of the word “flytta” is currently in the beginner tutorial as far as I can tell.

Admitadelly I find Pootle a bit confusing of an interface so I can be wrong in any of my assumptions, but I just cannot pinpoint which phrase we are even talking about at this point :smiley:


I have used Pootle to translate hundreds of things for OGS, but I cannot find this :). But I know it sometimes takes some time before the translation becomes current.

Interesting that you see “Ditt drag”. I still see “Svart ska flytta” in my ongoing correspondance match, but perhaps it’s only reloaded when I start a new game? No time to do that now unfortunately, will check later.

EDIT: Here is what I see (I am white in this game and now I’m waiting on black to make a move):


Oh, so presumably it was only the cases of “White to move” and “Black to move” that were wrong. I did not check past your move which seemed correct :smiley:

I have edited the two entries by OP’s translation, so hopefully this is correct?

It will probably take a day or two to get merged


Great, I can confirm the revised translation has made it to the UI. Thanks! I wonder why I could not find it in the translation tool… hm, ah well ;).

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Out of curiosity: is that a third party server to provide translations? Or is it an OGS implementation?


I just didn’t pass the first screen, because I find it quite weird that a translation site could fail at translating his landing page:

No, actually I didn’t go further because I’m kind of reluctant of creating another account on yet another site, but I’m thinking about it since too much, so I just better sign in and stop ranting.
Anyway: is it possible for a user to fix the home screen?
That would be a gigantic reward for a pedant! :smiley:

Pootle is a third party code that provides the interface and tools for the translations, but the “greenting” is quite possibly our custom text, I am not really sure how difficult it would be to make language mutations for it, I don’t think that part is accessible to me.

I know… I already have about 5 different logins I think for different parts of OGS :roll_eyes: It is super annyoing :smiley: , but recreating the whole thing without using third party services would take years…