Wrong translation on time / german

hi there.
The translation is a bit off in German.

for 3 days, 3 Tage would be correct
for 1 day -> 1 Tag

same with Stunden / hours.
3 days 6 hours left should be translated to 3 Tage, 6 Stunden. At the moment it’s 3 Tag 6 Stunde.

Also 33h or 47h is english again (which would be fine, except at the moment it’s a mix on both languages, which seems kind of weird … ?)

It’s not an urgent or important matter, I just thought i should inform you.


Translations of OGS are crowd sourced. You can participate at https://translate.online-go.com/de/ogs/translate/.

That said I don’t find this mistranslations there.

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Exactly this was confusing me: I could not find these mis- or non-translations either.
So I could not correct them.
Maybe, this is in English for all languages?
Can anybody non-English-speaking please check this?

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It has changed now to German, but only singular, not plural, where needed.

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In translate.js scrtipt, the length of catalog["DayDays"] is 1. In this case, always the singular is returned.

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Yeah I’m looking into this right now, for some reason there aren’t any plural translations coming out of our translation system it looks like, for any language, so we’re defaulting to the singular variant.

Has it always been like this does anyone know?


OK I have a workaround in place, you should see the correct plural translations now.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


Great! Many thanks, Anoek.
If you could — as a last point — insert a blank space before »Stunden«…
That would make it perfect.

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Thank you, Anoek! :smiley: