WSC Results Page :D


Two overall winners already, and a neck and neck battle to see who will be first to win a single category

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Congrats @_Sofiam and @vixigi for being first two to complete 100 total games

and congrats to @bugcat for being first to complete 100 games in a single category (live)

…and for also breaking the css haha


@libertycap became the 4th to pass 100 games and the 3rd to do it from a single category (again, live)
Sofia and vixigi are now both over 200 games


Well I’m now in 2nd place for most games with NO wins. :smile:

So I’ve got that going for me…


@Allerleirauh has become our 5th winner!
Sofia is the first to pass 300 games, with scores over 100 in blitz and live


@Atorrante has become our 6th winner!
Sofia has now almost 500 games, and has also over 100 corr games
Vixigi and bugcat are both well over 300 now too

An impressive 134/159 particpants have played at least one game this month, it would be wonderful to see the other 25 get a game in too :heart:

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Well, as you can see @Allerleirauh and @_zaki have joined the club of 100.
Well done!


At the bottom of the list there are still some twenty players who haven’t played a game at all.
Send them a challenge maybe?


Thanks! Even though playing some very fast blitz the last few days pushed my winrate down a little :smiley:

I feel like the race for 4th place is still wide open!

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Already 12 players have reached the 100 games!

24 players are at least halfway with 50 or more played games.

How many players will reach the 100 games this year? What do you think?

  • 30-39 players
  • 40-49 players
  • 50-59 players
  • less than 30 players
  • more than 59 players

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