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Awesome. Thank you very much :hugs:

I’m ready to join. Does anybody else here need an invite link accepted so they can get in immediately? I’ll use trohde’s in 48 hours if nobody respond :wink:


Pfft, no need to worry or to unfriend once I accept :blush:


I would like to clarify that simply from joining this group, I somehow have 22 friends, only 3 of which I recognise the name of.

I too don’t especially mind but it is certainly a different feature from the norm, and I think worth trohde’s time to caution people about.

I was expecting to be friends with the single person who’s invitation that I accepted. 22 friends is a whole different situation :sweat_smile:. I agree that caution is worth mentioning now :hugs:


I’m probably one of those 22 as I used that link to join.

This must have been an oversight by the dev team. It would make sense to have people using the link automatically be friends with the owner of the link. But to be automatic friends with anyone else who used the link doesn’t make sense at all.


Indeed, you’re also one of the 3 :wink: (thanks to GitHub) :stuck_out_tongue:


To me, it has the air of intentionality… though, I would certainly argue, questionable…


I have some reservations (either they have to relax on their goal of only having true things, or they have to start censoring things, which to me is worse because it leaves no recourse if true things start being censored), but any alternative to censorious “services” like Facebook are well worth giving a shot at the very least. Hopefully they leave most of the moderation to individual groups, which would allow users to just leave a group if it got too draconian.

It’s still all being worked on, as I read every day. New features added, removed due to server overload, re-added; bugs removed; suggestions discussed; etc.

I also wasn’t aware that you’d all be “friends” with each other :open_mouth:
I had posted that Baduk SubWiki invitation link in three places: here, the FB group, L19, so all of you are probably in that Baduk “Group”, and the “friends” you don’t know will be some people with their real names from here, as well as users of FB and L19, but they will all be Go players.


I tried several times today, but keep getting “500 | Server Error”. I’ll try again in another day or two. Hopefully they get it all sorted out.

Today an email just appeared in my inbox without any further actions by me. I am now in the waiting list. The email said there would be about 8000 people in front of me but the number on the site is 4839. If anybody wants an invite link, please let me know. Not going to post it in the forum since it contains my name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: