WWTC - World women team conquest annoucements

I made two other subject for WWTC annoucements, we will announce the further events only in theis subject :wink:

Well concerning today :star_struck:
This morning at 11am, it’s the return of the World Women Go Contest with games between the French and players from Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia.
A commentary on Twitch is expected by Ben0.




Enjoy ! :smiley:


Could we have the links to the games of today on OGS? I already closed the announcements…

  1. 😄 WWTC - Camille vs Juli
  2. WWTC - Milena vs Alexandra
  3. WWTC - Louise vs Natasa
  4. LaureT vs Bluelvy - Laure vs Dusanka
  5. Partie amicale - Elodie vs Zsofi
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Just in case it hasn’t been mentioned and someone else needs it:

In Settings - > Announcements Settings, you can find the ones you’ve dismissed. If you scroll right, there’s the game link.

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