Xhu98 (8d) vs. krnzmb (9d) Leela 0.11.0 win rate analysis

I used the SGF file from the amazing match between @xhu98 (black) and @krnzmb (white) and Leela v. 0.11.0 to see what she thought of the game.

Towards the middle of the game Leela believed that black could win the game, with a win rate of 92%, however, almost 100 people watch live as white made an amazing comeback to win the game by 3.5 points.

It was a great game to watch! And a very hard one to understand. Hopefully this chart from Leela will help some of you analyse the game and find out where where or how xhu98 lost the lead that Leela believed he had.

@pan piper suggested I post the chart in the forums for anyone interested.