XL category puzzles

Okay. When challenging someone we can go to a 25x25 board as a maximum. Cool feature.

But when we want to create puzzles, we are limited to only 19x19 board at the most.

In my humble opinion it would be nice if it was also possible to create puzzles with a larger than 19x19 format.

Imagine a whole board 25x25 puzzle. This would give an extra dimension to reading out a full sequence. And I know that some players love reading out complex sequences.

So, how about it?


Sure, why not.

It made me smile though because on Tsumego Hero there is a collection of 4x4 puzzles and I can’t read the harder ones in that set.


Imagine a full 25x25 board ladder problem. It would probably take hours just to play out the solution :rofl:



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Good idea Let’s wait first @Atorrante puzzle on 25x25

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This may take some time, so don’t hold your breath.

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Give it to us, looks interesting!

Here’s one of the hardest as per the rating: 4x4 Problems 80/90 on Tsumego Hero

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