Year End Goal Feasible?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been playing this game for almost a month now and I want to get at least decent, (maybe a 1D someday?..).

Anyways, I’m currently ranked at 17K and wanted to make getting into the SDK range a goal for the end of this year.

Since I’m new to Go, I’m not really sure if this is a feasible goal. So my question is, is this reasonable? And if so, how hard would I have to work to get there? etc.

Thank you so much!

Totally doable in my opinion. I am not really SDK yet, but so close. :smiley:
Work hard! But it’s not really work when you are having fun :slight_smile:
Youtube helped me lot, if you don’t already know them:

  • Nick Sibicky has (in my opinion of course) great lectures for DDK (I have watched all from about #50, so not sure about the early ones)
  • Dwyrin has great videos although a little more advanced maybe (His back to basic series was especially good for me)

Well and at least a tsumego a day is mandatory… :wink:

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Hey, thanks for the input!

I really like Nick! (not at video 50 yet though.) :wink:

I’ll be sure to check out Dwyrin too!

Hahaa! 200% doable, i reached sdk level in a year by just watching sibicky’s lectures and playing!

(and by doing some tsumegos time to time - nick is great at teaching grand scale theory for new players, but if you don’t do your tsumegos you end up dying where you should live and allowing your opponent to live where he/she should be dead!)

Lol, Yeah. That’s what I’ve been figuring out. I’ve lost a couple of games because of invasions that I should have totally killed. :slight_smile: