Yearly stats emails?

What i think would be fun ( thought a lot of work ), would be yearly stats emails sent around january or something with the stats of the previous year something like wins & losses for that year, total amount of matches etc. with expanded stats like wins divided by white or black, amount of matches per match type etc. for suporters. like getting my stats of 2022 in january 2023 for example.


Also maybe cakeday stats (year since registration etc).


I love the idea, it would be fantastic to get annual stats on email ^____^


It’s possible to get a variety of stats about your profile from this website:

These stats can be filtered in various ways, including over custom date ranges.

I think the only thing missing is an automated email. With a lot of mail clients, one could schedule a yearly email to remind oneself to visit that site.


i forgot got stats even has filters, the date filter is nice to know.

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