You can find your games vs a specified player

I just stumbled across the fact that you can type a player’s name in the place where it says “Player Name” at the top of your Game History, and it finds for you just your games against that player!

Kind of obvious when you think about it, but I never noticed it before…


I think that might be a new feature? Thanks for pointing it out.

As another (related) fun fact, when viewing another person’s profile it will display in it’s own section all the games you have played against each other (with links) and the record of wins / losses.


Thankyou @GreenAsJade. I was unaware of this feature too and have desired to use it more than once.
Perhaps the traditional magnifying glass in front of where it says ‘Player name’ would make it more obvious that there’s a search/filter function there?


Yes, I had the same thought myself, and made a mental note to try to do that :slight_smile: