You know you are a Go addict when …


Counting territory on your salami pizza toppings!


You hate this god damn game, but keep playing because you love it.


After a game with a friend, he unsuccessfully tries to convince you that “there is no such thing a Sente or Tenuki”, because “this is CHESS goddammit!”.




“Everything in excess; moderation is for monks!”

The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom. - William Blake


… you almost pee your pants every time you visit Go memes!


When you start to “forget” boards and stones in nearby guesthouses or bars/tea houses. Well they could be more useful there at least.
Which may come with teaching the game to the owner, waitress and the cleaning woman.


When the only clever and enjoyable gift you want to offer at every Christmas/birthday/anniversary let it be the 50 years of wedding of your aunt or a new addition in the neighbors family has to be a go set.


…when your main reason to start new hobbies(poker, chess, running, etc)/try new activities is to improve yourself for studying go.

…when you find it difficult to take a hiatus (for the sake of improving upon return) because you’re not sure what you’ll do with your time if you aren’t playing go.


Just one more game he said.


When you go to your games, in place to post in “You know you are a Go addict…”!


When you come back to reading/posting in the forum after playing moves for all of your games


… when you are typesetting an industry machine manual manual, and you’re opening a CAD file, and first thing you see there is this image of a “workpiece” …


You do see the grain, and the lines on top, do you?

I do. I cannot not see them. Must’ve cost a lot, eh?


When you’ve already checked the forum for new posts, but you come back to the forum anyway after playing moves for all of your games, because you know that - in the meantime you check it once more - there will be new moves for you. :wink:

This sound more like “You’re OGS addicted when…” though. Or even better “You’re Fast Correspondence (group) addicted when…”. :innocent:

Go memes!

… when you come to this thread immediately after you find something to prove your addiction.

… when your little sister’s birthday cake has candies that resemble stones (wish I had a picture), and you do everything you can to make sure you don’t eat one of your greatest toys. :grinning:


You know you are addicted to go when you can look at a 13x13 position and immediately recognise that it is a 2 stone handicap game with chinese rules


When you begin to use go ranks to rate your other skills, such as “I’m a DDK typist.”


So you’ve been improving then, Conrad? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :wink: :smiley: :smiley:




You know you are a Go addict when spring-cleaning time comes and the only thing you want to do is re-oil your stones and clean up your board after a long winter of hard use. :grinning: