Your most complicated game position?

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to see some complicated board positions. Why? Well, it might help you see what groups are dead or alive in a pro game more quickly, help you when a board position is complicated, and it is just interesting! Here is one: The end is pretty messy in my opinion!


I like this thread, but maybe not post ongoing games? Someone might not notice or might do it on purpose to offer advice. And it’s probably more useful to assess the complexity when the game is completed, see how it influenced how the game unfolded (for me more useful, this might be a tad selfish :stuck_out_tongue: ).


I shortened it to “your most complicated game position?”


This is the most complex I could find at short notice. I play White.

Hmm. the white group G3 - G6, F6 looks in trouble to me! But maybe there is more to it.

Here my brain overheated.

Guess the AI didn’t read this go meme - Go Memes! 🧐 :smiley:


The AI did consider this double hane, not me. But anyway I was really embarrassed to find where to play and subsequent moves. AI was still 50/50 at this point.

After the last month or so (since not, in fact, actually quitting in the end) I’ve had a lot of more complex positions. For instance, here I play White, making a second weak group in the centre:


Again, I play White, in the game I played just this morning. All the marked groups are (potentially) weak.

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Playing Black… that’s enough for now :smiley:


Awesome. Reasonable would be to reduce instead of invade. Hard choice, as it would maybe be not enough.

I had once advice to even if it’s in the spirit of go to push and push beyond the limits, it’s safer sometimes to go for something that you can read at least…

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Yeah, a 6d reviewer’s opinion was that M13 seemed enough for White.

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Welcome back.

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