Your music for a spectacular appearance

Let’s fantasize. :wink:

If Go competitions were a spectacle like boxing or MMA, if Go players went out to the goban the same way boxers and fighters do, what music would you prefer for your grand entrance?

Here is mine:


Well, in that case, I have to go with this, since, in some way, it is relevant to Go:

If it has to be instrumental, then this:

Though, let’s face it, I am not good enough to merit such a badass entrance ahahah … then again, come to think of it, probably noone is :thinking:

Though the AI would have to enter with this piece called “ROBOT” :rofl:

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I mean…its go epic…or go home right?

Beethoven Like You've Never Heard Before - YouTube Id make my enterence at the moment when the music dies down, just before it really hits.


Too aggressive for my liking.

made me cry like baby

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I would like to cite some unusual classical piece, but that would take too much thought, so the well-known Hallelujah Chorus is sufficient. I have sung this once and played it several times in high school, and also played it in a couple pro gigs in college and after. It really stimulates great excitement, at least for a performer.