"Your turn" popup notifications

I’ve noticed today I’ve been getting “Your turn” popup notifications, which I’ve never seen before. Are these a new feature? Have I just been blind to them before? Is there a way to turn them off? I can’t see anything in settings, but there are a lot of settings menus so it’s possible I’ve missed something.
I can block all popup messages from OGS through my browser, of course. However, I’ve previously allowed these popup notifications, because they came only occasionally and were usually of something important or interesting (eg game ended, mention in a chat). If possible I’d like to keep that without the constant spam of new moves.

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Try Settings > General Preferences > Desktop notifications.

Ah, I’d missed that, thanks. I guess that turns off all Desktop notifications? However, the “Your turn” ones seem to have disappeared again in the past few hours anyway? IDK

I want all other notifications except for those, It would be nice if they could be separated as settings.