Youtube live-commentary shows genuine first user impression of OGS

New OGS user @viktor92sandmann posted a live commentary video of his first 19x19 game on OGS.

User link:
Game link:
Video link:

He experiences sound problems with the stone placement sound, which is too loud. You could say that his sound problems are self-made, because the background music he puts on later in the game is way quiet. The ‘correct’ solution would be for him to fiddle with the sound controls on Youtube, Windows audio mixer and the capturing software to balance it out.
That being said, here are some notable moments from the video:

11:50 first comment on stone sound
16:00 "my ears…"
20:05 goes on an adventure through the right-side menu for the sound option
22:18 "let’s explore the options until I find the sound"
23:10 gets stuck in conditional move planner
23:45 user blames himself: “I think I broke it”

There are also many instances throughout the recording where the video freezes and only audio continues, like at 1:35.
Viktor explains his thoughts, but you cannot see the cursor and sometimes it takes so long, the image even shows an old game position.
This renders valuable insights from the live commentary unintelligible.
Could it be that OGS takes up so many system resources that the capture software cannot keep up taking screenshots for the video?


Thanks for sharing!

[quote=“Animiral, post:1, topic:3669”]
Could it be that OGS takes up so many system resources that the capture software cannot keep up taking screenshots for the video?
[/quote]Well, more or less.

  1. He’s running two browsers, at least one flash player, an office suite and a java application.
  2. Recording your display is a rather variable load on the system resources, depending on stuff like frame rate and on the fly encoding. So you could always tinker with the options to get a stable result.

(the default OGS sound volume could in fact be a bit lower.)

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I’d point out that you can adjust the volume of our sounds in your settings menu

OGS would not be to blame for poor performance during capture.


For reference, here is another streamer also looking to change the volume in the right-side menu, unable to find it:
(at around 9:30)

Perhaps the UI deserves another look, to bring back the in-game sound control? For myself, it would be handy to observe games in a background window and quickly mute if they get too annoying :smile:

Also interesting: towards the end of the video, he is alarmed/confused by the countdown beep at the end of main time. The confusion stems from the fact that some players expect it to beep/talk only when they are in danger of losing a period of byo-yomi (or the whole game, in absolute time settings).

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