Yunzi stones factory to buy

So I got confirmation that there is a factory of weiqi yunzi stones to buy here! (You understood well, I talking about the factory itself, not the stones).

I will go visit the place asap but I wanted to report already. The price seems pretty cheap.


Ah, maybe planning to go into business?

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Bruce Wayne is that you?!?

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Where is ‘here’? And how does one manufacture yunzi stones anyhow?

Hehe, from the most awesome guy on the internet I kinda expected that you could have discovered these video’s yourself.


I don’t really have myself capital. But I am exploring an attractive place of Yunnan and at 90% decided to stay now here.
So indeed I’m thinking how to make a living. I will visit that closed factory because I’m a weiqi player and curious. Now I’m investigating the town to open a western food restaurant, which is in what I am qualified at first.
Some years ago I visited another factory in Kunming. Coming as a potential buyer in their eyes, I may get even more information this time too.

My guess is that it’s not so often that a factory like that is being sold, and even if i’m not the rich guy to take over, there are a lot of things I could help if this is something interesting for others.



How was your visit?
I am curious too :grin:

Well that visit is postponed forever as it seems they don’t really believe I could become an investor. My bad.