Zen mode improvements

I suggest zen mode doesn’t need co-ordinates,but perhaps it does need the komi displayed.


You can already toggle the coordinates, no need to force it one way or the other in Zen mode.

Correct. First toggle, then Zen. The other way round doesn’t work for obvious reason :smile:

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A (+5,5) right of the white stone wouldn’t be - imo - very distracting.

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Yes, you could do toggle every time. I’m suggesting that it should always be off during zen mode.

You only have to toggle the coordinates off once, the setting is remembered

Not if you want to see the co-ordinates after the game, for reviewing purposes.

I don’t know how widely known this is, but hovering the coordinates in the chat shows the point on the board and ctrl+click on the board puts them in chat, you don’t need them displayed. That’s how I use it and I have them toggled off by default, but that’s a matter of taste. To force them off for everyone in zen mode just to save you a click seems selfish.

I guess there’s always some use case that I haven’t thought of, but I can’t imagine anyone wanting co-ordinates showing in zen mode.

I would like to suggest the Zen mode to have the time controls/ blocks/ images to the left and right of the board.
That way when in F11 “Full Screen” the board will be centered on the screen.

An alternative would be to have the time/captured total above the board, but just (smaller) numbers.

Re: co-ords: These are useful for discussions, not while playing, especially in Zen.
I disable them before starting any game. Likewise, adding ‘chat’ to Zen is a bit contrary to the idea of clearing out the annoying visual debris of the standard player mode view: what’s next, coffee bar? background noise of live go club in downtown Seoul? How about an airport runway? Ukraine combat theme with drones, artillery, helicoptors, snipers etc … anyway …