Zen mode


some of you might know already that I am developing my own client to play on OGS.
One of the many reasons to do this was that i felt there is something not quite right with the Zen Mode, but i couldn’t figure out what exactly it is. I think I know it now and thought i might share it here:

I am not a zen master :slight_smile:, but in my opinion the board must be centered in the window at all times to deserve the name Zen Mode.

I searched the forum for this topic and realize that it is quite an old feature that might not get enough love anymore, but maybe for exactly that simple reason?


Since when is Zen about perfect symmetry? :yum:

All jokes I think centered board would be nice. (LPT: on mobile, the board is always centered!)


Maybe i mixed it up with Feng Shui? As I said, I am not a master in those things :slight_smile:


We could interpret it as that there needs to be visual balance on the page and right now it’s skewed towards the left. Or we could say the centre of attention is off centre.