18.5 points trick move

Just learned this tricky move with a name of 18.5 points, the points in the corner. very interesting



Nick Sibicky’s second favourite joseki :heart:

Looks like he is using a wrong example, black can break out. Amateur. :smiley:

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Some details can also be found on Sensei’s.


That Sibicky video is unintentionally hilarious and should be re-titled “the dangers of memorising joseki”.


Yeah I think this is the actual trick move variation after a pincer (timestamped hopefully 4:17).

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I am going to try this on a weaker player … :joy:

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It may not be easy to find one that approaches low, plays the shoulder hit in response to the 1-space low pincer and subsequently fully falls into this trap.

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But it would be fun to watch the opponent’s face if I could pull this off.

I was not warned this is a trick move and I totally fell for it

I was in an AGA tournament as a 5kyu 2 years ago and played the black invasion. My opponent was obviously lost what to do to my surprise and decided to let me split after reading quite sometime. So I had an easy early lead and won the game. The next game, the exact situation happened. This time I did not hesitate to invade hoping my opponent did not know the response. He did not…

I am so evil

I found this translation of a discussion of the move by Moon Yong-jik 5p, who uses it to explain tewari.

… we take off the same number of black stones as the number of the captured white stones. Black has just 18 points. Just 18 points with 11 black stones! White makes [an] iron wall with [his] 11 stones.

The fact that tewari is referred to throughout as sequence dissection is a little jarring to me, but it wasn’t a Japanese book, after all.

I learned that hamete first time in the Ishida dictionary .
I think it’s the most famous hamete between ama players .