18k looking for a teaching game

Hi all,

Looking to learn a thing or two from a 10k (give or take, not picky) players.

Would prefer a live game but also do correspondence (I just lose chain of thought).

Would prefer 19x19 as that is something I only dabble in a bit currently. Open to times, but 5 mins + 30 seconds/move seems reasonable? Would love some focus on fuseki, but honestly just pointing out any silly errors would be great.

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5 min seems a little short for a 19x19. I think default for Live games is like 10 min+30s? Even that’s on the fast side.

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I am available for a correspondence 19x19 teaching game according to the specifications given in Free Teaching Games for 12–25k Players

Thanks for that, not really sure what a good time is. I will keep this in mind!

Sounds great, I prefer the style of ‘review as you play’ so that works very well for me. I will send across a challenge shortly.