1st China vs Europe Online Go Tournament (on Yike)

According to this Europe and China will play team match starting March, 31. The match will be played on Yike go server. Teams consist of 10 boards, the match will be played Nongshim-style (win and continue, lose and get out).

Europe team (by EGF rating):

  1. Ariane Ougier, 4d, France
  2. Benjamin Drean-Guenaicia, 6d, France
  3. Anton Chernykh, 6d, Russia
  4. Cristian Pop, 7d, Romania
  5. Lukas Podpera, 7d, Czech Republic
  6. Alexandr Dinerstein, 3p, Россия
  7. Ali Jabarin, 2p, Israel
  8. Stanislaw Frejlak, 7d, Poland
  9. Artem Kachanovskyi, 2p, Ukraine
  10. Mateusz Surma, 2p, Poland

Chinese team will have strong amateurs.


Ariane Ougier 4d is the current Women European champion. Do you know how the other amateurs (2 to 5) where chosen?

There haven’t been strong British players for 25 years.

People assure me that “Britain has 6ds”, but in reality they’re merely university students from China.

I think that, because we’re isolated from the continent and so our Go scene is so malnourished, it might not even be possible for us to produce 6d or 7d players.

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Under-21 Champion in there perhaps?

Right, Anton Chernykh 6d is U20 European champion
Lukas Podpera 7d is European Student champion
Maybe Benjamin Dréan-Guénaïzia is here as French representative since France won the European team championship and he is French champion? Or maybe they asked the availability of best-ranked players in order.

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Announcement and player bios from the EGF:
It is played on the Yike go server. Every game will be commented by an invited (Chinese?) player.

How do we get on there to watch? Or is it gonna be relayed on OGS?

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It says it’s similar to ogs - in browser, someone can link it and you can watch without signing up. I suppose someone could relay it to OGS for convenience if they wanted?

(This is actually a different link to the above even though it looks the same :slight_smile: )


I hope Corona shutdown will act as a catalyst for the West to really commit to serious online Go. That could be our international niche: “the federation that does loads of official tournaments and lectures on the Internet.”

Starts at 12:00 UTC+2 or 6pm Beijing time.



China shouldn’t send out amateurs to play against professionals – Ilya

On the one hand it’s a fair comment, on the other if Europe loses the match it can’t stand up :stuck_out_tongue:

Song Yiwen 6d wins against Ariane Ougier 4d

Game: https://home.yikeweiqi.com/#/game/play/1/33626917

English commentary: https://home.yikeweiqi.com/#/live/room/36215/1/33512700

Chinese commentary: https://home.yikeweiqi.com/#/live/room/36222/1/33515540

My prediction is Europe will win 3-4 games maximum (but would love to be proven wrong! You never know, any European victory is a huge boost for the team. )

It is quite a strong lineup of Chinese amateurs; in fact all of the big names are on the roster. Not sure how this event has galvanized excitement from either side (watched the full commentary of Game 1 today), but let’s hope that more will tune in as the series goes on :smiley:


It’d be nice to have an OGS relay where we can chat in English without having to register on Yike.

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For what it’s worth, I’ve been able to follow the game on Yike without creating an account. The English language commentary was pretty good.

You can follow, but you can’t chat.

Benjamin Dréan-Guénaïzia wins against Song Yiwen

English commentary: https://home.yikeweiqi.com/#/live/room/36407/1/33643724

Chinese commentary: https://home.yikeweiqi.com/#/live/room/36406/1/33643560


Benjamin Dréan-Guénaïzia wins against Shen Ao, team Europe leads 2-1.

English commentary: https://home.yikeweiqi.com/#/live/room/36534/1/33733985

Chinese commentary: https://home.yikeweiqi.com/#/live/room/36533/1/33733761

Tsumego time! White (Cristian Pop) to move.


I don’t get it. What is the problem with simply S8?