2015 OGS Rengo World Cup (CANCELED)

@tinuviel and I are signed up as USA-Maryland-1. Looking forward to the World Cup! :smiley:


@Animiral and @Senffarbe, interested in joining @Criculann? :smile:

Looking for israeli players :smile:

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@grolich and @terr, want to be in the same crew with @gor?

Feel free to reach out to players in the chat rooms, guys!

No, sorry, I don’t like rengo.

Any body from Wisconsin that would be okay playing with a DDK? If so pm me on OGS, thanks!

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Also @xhu98, is there anyway we could get notifications of when which games are being played? Specifically the later games such as top 16 or 8 or whatever. I know this would be difficult since the participants can set up games anytime but it would be cool to be able to watch a team and cheer for them. Not sure if this is possible but if so that would be awesome. Even if it’s a notification on the top of the site like those for upcoming tournaments.

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Yes @MJH, I will make sure that you guys see notifications for big games :smile:

sign me up!

@SivartKceBael, have you assembled your team yet? :wink:

What state do you live in?

no. if it has to be somebody from my own state then i have no idea how to go about that

Mention your state in this thread or start a thread of your own.

the registration form doesn’t accept the name of our team - OGS-Israel-1/ What’s wrong with it that I don’t see?

problem solved

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@Senffarbe : Why not ? Explain your reasons or dudes please… just to know.
I’ve never played Rengo and it sounds interesting for me… At least to try it once.

Anyone from South America or Argentina to make a team ? Prefereable around 3-5 k… Thanks

Anyone from British Columbia want to play with me?

Let’s get more teams on the board guys! :smile:

I just prefer having plans about how to continue a game and carrying them out. Rengo games often get crazy with large groups dying and things like that. This can be fun, but it can also be rather stressful. Some people also take their partners bad moves too serious.