2021 Rating and rank adjustments

Please be aware, GotStats will not be a perfect predictor due to


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Nice, to see that the forever 25kyu will be eliminated. I was already really frustrated by not having any progress at all, while I’m learning and understanding more of the game.

I guess the confusing ELOupdate from the ELOtest Bot will not be showing the OGS Rank anymore?
e.g. ELOtest[?]: ELO update: 57 (+55), rank 13.4kyo , or OGS 21.6kyo


I made a quick plot of Elo per rank for the new rating to rank formula:


Red curve is from the new OGS conversion formula
Blue curve is from the new EGF conversion formula (to be implemented soon)

Horizontal axis is the OGS rank (0 = 30k, 30 = 1d, 42 = 13d = new max rank in EGD)
Vertical axis is the Elo width per rank.

In the range of 30k - 5k, it is quite a close match (30-70 Elo per rank).
So the new OGS formula will make OGS kyu ranks as soft/tough as EGF kyu ranks and I expect that OGS kyu ranks will align much better with EGF kyu ranks. Definitely good news!

In the high dan range, the EGF formula gets tougher than the OGS formula.

So over time, EGF mids dans may get high dan ranks on OGS.
It may turn out that OGS high dans will be comparable with high dans on asian servers.
But I’m not saying that this is a bad thing. In the past, EGF 6 dans could be 9d on KGS and I didn’t hear much complaints about that back then :wink:.

Many thanks @anoek!


IMO there was too much “danflation” on the rank system before last (if we consider the imminent update as the “current system”).

For instance, I remember krnzmb was awarded “12d” when the update first rolled out. The stated goal of OGS dan ranks being, usually, somewhere between the EGF and AGA ranks seems to be a good idea for a server with a largely Western playerbase.


Yay! I always dreamt of going up 6 stones when I slept :slight_smile:


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Good news! Never again cry baby topics like “I won my game and my rating went down, I want to speak to the manager”.

This puts a smile on my face. Although they probably will find something else to complain about. Probably "I won a game and my rank didn’t go up enough"



naw, I’ll just complain about how I lost a game and the ranking system was not capable of comprehending how my true skill went from SDK to 30kyu over the course of a game


The boost does sound huge, even with the asterisk of new rating not necessarily being the same as old ones. And that’s a bit annoying. As you said, it’s underserved, we all know that we didn’t really reach these ranks, some mathematical nonsense happened behind the doors and we all are dans now. If we’ll be pushed over into dans, that is.

Imagine being asked by a stuck 2k what did you do to reach dan, haha.

It can be really deflating. Especially when you push to improve and gauge the progress by your rank, and then all ranks are wiped, your progress is wiped. It can be difficult. It was like this last time for me, and even though the ranks adjusted back, I did quit go for like half a year. But I’m all better now. Let us remember. Ranks don’t matter. They don’t show your worth. It’s just a made up number. Recalculation doesn’t change who you are. Recalculation doesn’t change your go strength.


I made similar chart for EGF ratings of European tournament players (before the coming EGF rating system update):

You can see the 20k “pergatory” that the EGF rating system has had for 25 years.

The shape is a bit different from the OGS distribution. It’s less “bell”-like and it has its peak around 7k (that peak will shift up to around 5k after the coming update).

It looks like the OGS rating system update will move the peak from about 18k to about 10k. That is still lower than the EGF peak, but that makes sense. I expect a typical European tournament player to be stronger than a typical OGS player.


Let’s play go games in this last day of old ranking system!


EGF has amateur 8d? Who are they?

Amateur 8d is an honorary title here, only for those like won international championships. Is there any special requirement to get to 8d in EGF or just rating based?

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Thanks for the detailed disclosure!
Do you have automated tests?
Do you run them as regression tests before release?

For a project of OGS’ scale, they are well worth considering. :slight_smile:

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IIRC, the tests are on a test server which is meant to be identical to production, but somehow this bug came in after testing and before push to production.


Really great news!
I’d be interested to know what the next priority is for OGS after this update settles.


Adding Automation Test :stuck_out_tongue:


8d EGF is not an honorary title.
These players are very strong Korean amateurs who were insei once, but never made it to pro in Korea (competition to become pro was pretty stiff in Korea 10-20 years ago).

When they moved to Europe, they started at 7d, but they generally beat almost all native top European players (including those who got a pro rank in the Far East or Europe), so their rating gradually increased to 8d EGF over the years.

See for example E.G.D. - European Go Database | Main panel and List of Players EURO

They also tend to teach in various go schools and go camps across Europe.