2023 Rounds Survival

Here’s the thread for this tournament :slight_smile:

9x9 fast correspondence games, 2023 rounds.
It will start on the 1st of January 2023. 1048 registered players so far.
I set rules to avoid games that slow down the tournament too much.

Nine*Nine, NineNineNine is a similar one.


Life goals: don’t timeout.


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Holy… This reads like a finalist story for a nomination “the shortest story about an existential dread in a Go setting.” I truly appreciate this, no kidding.

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“Through the years” has 12 rounds. I think these 2023 rounds will finish first - is my first instinct, without an intuitive sense of how much two-thousand really is.

Analysis: at 6 moves per day (slowest permissible game not counting the starting time or pause/vacation “abuse”), 12 moves per day if one player is really quick to respond, a round could be about a week long. ~50 weeks a year, 40 years?

Through the years started in the middle of 2020, at 2.5 years per round we get to 30 years.

What is going to matter most, I believe: how timeouts end up reducing the pool of players. In both cases it might be that the pool is large enough that even dropping 90% of the “insufficiently committed” could still preserve enough slow players to not let later rounds go faster…

2023 rounds means more opportunities for people to time out - plus it being much less likely that people consistently keep up with the pace.

Conclusion: I actually didn’t find much to weigh in on my estimate…

I propose two more betting questions:

  • how many people will be left in “through the years” in the second or third rounds?
  • how many people will be left in “2023 rounds” by the end of 2023?
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Looks like roughly 2000 players in each tournament. (“Through the years” claims 2233 players, while “2023 rounds” currently has 1909 players registered.)

Let me add another one: will we ever reach the third / fourth / fifth / etc. round?

We just passed 2023 participants!