2023: “Things change, and they don’t change back.”

Every day we stray further from god.

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I wonder if we will ever stray far enough from Zeus to introduce consent as the default setting.


Does this mean that in the US, when you buy a whole chicken, the seller must take the trouble of removing the lungs from the chicken before they hand it over to you?

Afaik they’re usually removed here (sold separately), but because the internal organs spoil much easier than the meat, so it’s for health and safety reasons.


In the United States, when a “whole chicken” is sold as meat in a supermarket, it is typically headless, neckless, plucked, and the feet and all of the internal organs are removed.

When selling whole turkeys in the USA, it is similar, but usually the detached neck and a bag with some of the organs (I think heart, liver, and kidneys) are included inside of the carcass. However, turkeys are quite often sold frozen, while chickens usually are not.

I think these conventions are largely due to cultural preferences, and possibly to some degree food safety concerns.

Of course, the sale of live poultry usually includes all of the internal organs.


Had a weirdly upsetting dream.

Anyway IPCC released a cliff notes version of Synthesis Report. Media beats everyone over the head with the same points, blah-blah-blah. I decided to read “Summary for Policymakers” to see if there’s anything genuinely interesting there. And there was. At the very bottom of each page “Do Not Cite, Quote or Distribute”. Ok then.


What a horrible dream!


Yep, chicken feet is a very common and appreciated delicacy in China.

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I had a dream tonight. In my dream, the government announced that democracy no longer needed a separation of powers into executive, legislative and justice; and so the executive and legislative powers would merge and the government would now be allowed to just pass laws without a vote.

As a result of this announce, their were a lot of protests nationwide, a national strike of all garbage collectors, all public transportation being blocked, and garbage bins being set on fire everywhere.

The anti-riot police was super happy because they got to try out their new toys and practice maneuvers in a real scenario.

I am glad it was only a dream!


My guess is that the governement wants to push unpopular reforms now so that Paris doesn’t look like this during next year’s olympics.


If you manage to merge the judicial powers into them, so that you cannot even legally oppose them, now that will be “the dream” because you will have become Greece :stuck_out_tongue:

We all forget that people are fundamentally the same everywhere (same species), so if something works on a large scale on the citizens of one country, then that becomes the framework on using the same tactics on the next country in line.

So, when we hear about weird stuff going on in other places and wonder “how can those people live like that?” that is not a very useful question. A much better question is “can we help them live a better life?”, even if that effort is done for totally selfish reasons. Because otherwise the misery eventually gets exported and there is plenty of it to go around.


In the U.S., we are well on our way to that merger. This is due to widespread ignorance, abetted by the media, about the nature of an “Executive Order.”


I have had chicken feet (prepared in typical Chinese ways) many times, at Chinese restaurants in the USA, as well as probably a few times in China.

It is very rare to see chicken feet for sale in a typical American supermarket, but I think I have seen that a few times. However, it’s common to find in a Chinese market, such as in a Chinatown of an American city.


It’s been 20 years already, ancient history.


Greek people trying to talk French in public, strike again (pun not intended) … This time the General Secretary of the Greek Communist Party (KKE) is giving it a shot. I think that this time people actually understood what he was saying.
Or they were just clapping at the pauses out of habit, you cannot always tell with political speeches. :thinking:

“Crisis vacations” is a term that politicians ought to trademark one day, it would seem… :melting_face:

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He of course has a Greek accent but his speech was perfectly understandable and without mistakes other than a couple of hesitations.


Good to know, though to be honest I wouldn’t mind another case of Dimitrakopoulos’s French … He went for round two (before he was finally fired) and it was too funny.

On a different note, I am starting to understand why some people are afraid that chatGPT is going to steal their jobs … if THAT kind of tripe is what you produce after FIVE MONTHS ( :roll_eyes: ) then yeah, AI is soon going to replace you:

No spoilers, you have to read it and then decide on your own if AI cannot already do better than that :rofl:

And Sanderson’s response to “all that”, for anyone that might be interested in online drama (or, in this case, avoiding it).

At least something positive coming because of the unrest.


I suspect that many in the U.S. are mildly amused by the unrest in France (i.e., by the basis for it, not by the violence itself), in view of the proposed age (64, good grief). In the U.S. the current age for social security IIRC is 66.5, with older people grandfathered in at earlier milestones (66.0 for me).