2023: “Things change, and they don’t change back.”

It is actually very refreshing not having to think and just have to regurgitate premade sentences and catch-phrases. Remember that it is just a show for them and their own people lap it up “whatever happens” and the other people ignore it even if you are correct, so it is all a huge non-stress issue.

I am serious in this. Maybe in bigger cities you might not notice it, but here in the countryside you can spot this easily for the KKE:

  • The party finds them work and if they happen to own a store, everyone from the party shops from there so they have a “starter pack” of clients come rain or shine.
  • The party finds them a husband or wife, because the party needs to refresh their voters.
  • The party arranges their higher education, pays for their tuition or settles things or gives them referals to specific universities abroad.
  • The party arranges for their graduation, if they happen to be in a Greek university, since they form a collective of students (in the most benign of cases), which works as a huge study group.

And then the cycle continues … party finds them work and family, they make kids, they grow up and so on and so on…

I am not saying all that to slight them by the way … in a country where everything is uncertain and chaotic, the KKE seems to be the only party that actually cares about the phrase “sustainable cycle” :stuck_out_tongue:

It is an easy life though. The party does ask things in return, of course, but the things it provides form a stable basis for their life, family and existence.
If you notice them, they all seem to be less stressed than anyone else, regardless of what is going on in the country.

I am still laughing at the poor sods that actually believed in “το Ποτάμι” and not only voted for it, but actually supported it.

I think so, yes. Even a designer model.


CDA’s rollator is especially ironic, since we have a 50+ party as well

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Yes, I agree that the rollator isn’t a very good choice for CDA in this theme.

What comes to my mind with CDA is more like this:

… and something like this with PVV:


And PvdA is missing. I would probably pick something like this:

But my choices wouldn’t be as funny as the original.


What a mountain, 219kg, try to push that out of the ring. Funnily enough other wrestlers regularly do it.

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When the teacher says “if you do not understand the data and full extend of a problem, then you solve the wrong problem”, but you want it visualised in the classroom:

They are going to add the door later, but that’s the least of their problems … :thinking:

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Exit polls indicate that the farmers gained the biggest support.
It looks like the government coalition in the senate …




… will be forced to choose between cooperating with either…


… or some combo of …





I think they won’t be happy with either of those options, but perhaps it is a consolation that they won’t need to account for …
… anymore, now that they suffered the biggest loss of all the parties in the senate.


It is easier for governments to spend money on a “solution” than to address underlying issues. There are kickbacks for politicians to weaponize and militarize things that shouldn’t be.

Also, I would really question if all schools would get this, including the poor inner-city ones that don’t have good drinking water and are so run down they should be condemned, or just “certain” schools…

I would hate to be a student or teacher in a room with that thing, constantly looking at it…

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The comments on that tweet and others like that are also a big part why they cannot solve the underlying issues. People calling for schools turning into bunkers and bulletproof pillboxes sounds just wild to me and I they paused to think about it they’d see that it is a very insidious kind of child abuse. :thinking:

I’ve posted images from the local school in the “pictures from home” topic …
If it is a school day and time, the courtyard gate is wide open.
If it is the weekend, you just jump over it like it is not even there.

Building doors? Open to the public at working times.
School cantina? Open to the public in the mornings.

Noone is afraid, noone is cowering behind armored windows and enhanced concrete blocks, noone is guarding the gate, noone is locking the doors, noone is looking out the windows in terror of someone passing by or entering the school.
How for those people in those comments is that NOT freedom, but “moar gunz” is, remains a mystery to me in this era of information. Some people make similar points to them from their own countries and they say “no, you lie, if we are not safe, no place in the world is safe, naaaaah” … how very odd.

And profit … that thing can’t be cheap to build and install. That’s some good amount of funds that can be spent with the excuse of the “it is for a good cause, you’ll give us a few million, eh?”.

Same here.
Plus, this does nothing if one of your students is going to be the shooter and just gains you some time in case someone is determined to hit specific people that have hidden inside (the fake ceiling is the weak spot). At best/worst it is a guilt machine for the survivors, since all this defense says is “hey, go shoot the kids in the class next door, they are easier targets”.

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Premise selection is a fundamental problem of automated theorem proving. Previous works often use intricate symbolic methods, rely on domain knowledge, and require significant engineering effort to solve this task. In this work, we show that Magnushammer, a neural transformer-based approach, can outperform traditional symbolic systems by a large margin. Tested on the PISA benchmark, Magnushammer achieves 59.5% proof rate compared to a 38.3% proof rate of Sledgehammer, the most mature and popular symbolic-based solver. Furthermore, by combining Magnushammer with a neural formal prover based on a language model, we significantly improve the previous state-of-the-art proof rate from 57.0% to 71.0%.


that was lucky … just one solar fart away from destruction.


Someone sent this to me and I am a bit irked that I missed this masterpiece at the time (the man changes more time signatures than SymphonyX and after 1:28 that’s some “hall of fame of metal” singing level :sweat_smile: ). Ok, we missed out on this, but it is never too late for some good metal and some good fun (that ending :rofl:).

On contemporary news:

Correct sumo way to grab boobs



Meh, buzzfeed, a feed that is sure not for human consumption.

I bet high-end dog food is better than some low-end human food. I mean, some of the stuff in supermarkets… And that’s still good compared to streetfood. But that’s the association, isn’t it. It’s ew because it’s for dogs so it’s kinda like dog.

Pet food may contain not only animal byproducts that can be found in human foods, like bone meal and organs, but also others, like udders and lungs, that are not, according to the Association of American Feed Control Officials, an organization that defines ingredients and sets label standards for feed regulators. These byproducts are considered safe for pets to eat, but not people.

Seems like another weird American thing?

We surely do eat animal internal organs here.

Κοκορέτσι ftw.

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For anyone that would like to give it a shot. The video has subtitles, but it is not an entry-level cooking skill recipie, for sure:

We eat most organs here, I’ve eaten lungs before, but never found a way to cook it that actually tastes good.

We don’t eat much organs in the Netherlands. Some eat porc kidney, porc/chicken liver or veal thymus, but I think most people here don’t like the taste of organs. Foie gras (goose/duck liver) is considered a delicacy, but not everyone likes it.