2023: “Things change, and they don’t change back.”

Interesting read!
(You probably won’t want to read it :sunglasses:)

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Well, it was interesting in the sense that I pressed ctrl+f and put “narciss” in the field and it says that it appears 50 times in the text, yet nowhere within it there was a definition for narcissism. Good God, how? :smiley:

It was the article equivalent of those bad pharmaceutical ads that keep listing stuff and now you are suddenly worried that you might have something that the advertised medication cures.

In 2023, she won a National Magazine Award for Columns and Essays.

If that’s the level of articles from “award winning” collumnists, I am starting to understand why people worry so much about chatGPT “stealing” their jobs … that was also on the “interesting” scale.

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very accurate :innocent:

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That’s the pitch of the book series Chung Kuo, by David Wingrove. A Chinese general conquers the world. Then he rewrites history books to pretend that the world has been under Chinese domination since the fall of the Roman empire. After a few generations and a very strong law of taboo, everyone believes the alternative history.


Asshole is looking his age, but whatever.


He even looks like a vampire


someone sent me this and I immediately added it to the “reasons to be happy to not belong in the younger generations” :

even if it is just a fad that will last a few years, I am at a loss for words … O_o

Well, that’s a funny change. This is what happens when you do not think your “new rules” very much ahahah


YMMD :rofl:

Choosing the cover photo for a particular headline is quite a subtle art


This doesn’t look good.


Even here, in the Washington DC area, the haze is significant, cutting visibility down to 1 mile. We had the first code red air alert in five years yesterday, and I chose to not do my daily walk. I will stay in today, too. Rain is predicted for tomorrow afternoon, so that should clear things out locally.


Yeah, it’s been bad here for fires. The military has been aiding civil firefighters throughout the last month and probably will for the next month or so.

The air quality is actually decent now in western Canada.

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I found this video informative, so I wanted to post it somewhere in the OGF. I’m not sure if this is the best topic for it :man_shrugging:


We still have the river Acheron! Now that the hellish touristic sites are being reduced, time to be more agressive in our marketing :stuck_out_tongue:

It is funny that Acheron is objectively better than Myconos, but hey. You can choose your own hell in Greece.